The ultra sized nanoETXexpress is designed to deliver power-saving Computer-on-Modules with high performance x86 technology on a footprint that is the size of a credit card - a mere 55 mm x 84 mm. nanoETXexpress is a new COM form factor and compatible to the COM.0 Type 1 and Type 10 pin-out.

*COM Express™ with respect to connector location and pin definition



COM Express® mini Type 10 with Intel® Atom™ E600 Series

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Development Tools & Services for COM Exp

With nearly 900 highly qualified engineers, Kontron has one of the world's largest R&D teams for embedded computing. Different value-add service to support your design-in and development of custom- specific applications are offered - especially for Comput

COMe Debug Card T2

COM Express® Debug Karte für Typ 2, Basisfunktionen

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MARS Smart Battery Kit

Smart Battery Plattform
für Kontron ETX® und COM Express® Module

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Starterkits and Evaluation Boards

Starterkits are complete care-free kits packaged in a single case. They give you a head start and include Evaluation Boards.

COMe Starterkit HMI T1

COM Express® Starterkit mit Reference Carrier HMI Typ 1 34100-0000-00-0,
7" WVGA Panel mit Touch, 12V Netzteil, Kabel und Zubehör, geliefert im Kunststoffkoffer.

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