Computer-on-Modules for Energy Applications

Computer on Module (COMs) sind hochintegrierte Single-Board Computer Komponenten, welche Systemerweiterungen und applikationsspezifische Kundendesigns vereinfachen. Das COM stellt die CPU-Grundfunktionalitäten bereit und über das Carrierbord werden die applikationsspezifischen Features eindesignt. In der kombination entsteht somit eine semi-custom Embedded PC Lösung.

COM Express™

The standard includes the mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm).

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Development Tools & Services

With nearly 900 highly qualified engineers, Kontron has one of the world's largest R&D teams for embedded computing. Different value-add service to support your design-in and development of custom-specific applications are offered.

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COM Express® compact

Formerly also known as microETXexpress®: They have a mechanical footprint of just 95 x 95mm.

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COM Express® mini

Formerly known as nanoETXexpress: The COM Express® mini is designed to deliver power-saving Computer-on-Modules on a footprint of 55 x 84 mm.

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COM Express® basic

Formerly also known as ETXexpress®, Kontron offers a broad product range for the COM Express® basic form factor (125 x 95 mm).

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Low-Power Embedded Architecture Plattform für Computer-on-Modules auf Basis von ARM-Technologie


SMARC module with Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 series with extremely low-profile and high graphics performance

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Ultra-low Power ARM und SoC basiertes SMARC Module auf Basis der Freescale i.MX6 Familie mit Single-, Dual- und Quadcore-Varianten

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Ultra-low Power ARM und SoC basiertes SMARC Modul auf Basis des Texas Instruments AM3874 mit bis zu 800MHz

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SMARC Starterkit

The SMARC Starterkit with SMARC Eval Carrier is equipped for express evaluation purposes.

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